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Solari Energy sign finance agreement with GBG Financial

Thursday May 15 2014

Solari Energy Pty Ltd. (Australia) this week signed a mezzanine finance agreement with GBG Financial (a division of Global Biofuels Group Ltd. Hong Kong) with a view to GBG providing a funding platform that will allow Solari to further establish themselves as a leading solar energy provider. The agreement provides GBG with profit share, as well as a convertibility to equity option.

Solari Energy Joins Wine Industry Suppliers Australia

Tuesday March 25 2014

Solari Energy Pty Ltd is now a member and preferred supplier of WISA, (Wine Industry Suppliers Australia Inc.), an independent incorporated association of suppliers to the wine industry across Australia. Solari Energy designs and supplies renewable energy solutions for commercial organisations of all sizes, and its founder CEO Doug Fletcher believes the winery industry is a perfect match for a move to solar.

Solari Energy Becomes Standalone Renewable Energy Projects Business

Tuesday September 10 2013

Solar Inception Pty. Ltd. today announced that its Solari Energy division is now a renewable energy subsidiary. Solari Energy will concentrate on small- to largescale (30 kW to 1 MW and above) projects for commercial, industrial and government clients across Australia and internationally. Solar Inception will continue to provide professional services to solar clients and to source quality solar products through its established distribution network..

Solar Inception Announces SolaGRID Audible Alarm

Monday April 15 2013

Solar Inception Pty. Ltd. today announced The SolaGRID Audible Alarm, a self-contained, lightweight safety device that ensures solar power users are immediately alerted if an earth fault affects an inverter. The unit can be placed in areas near the solar user such as a kitchen or office, and if a fault is detected, the unit emits both an audible (beeping – 74 dB @ 1 m) and visual (flashing red light) alarm.

Solar Inception Announces SolaGRID ESS Turnkey Energy Storage Solution

Monday April 1 2013

Solar Inception Pty. Ltd. today announced a smart renewable energy storage solution that can capture energy from multiple sources, including solar, wind, hydro, diesel Genset and the grid, and then use the stored energy on demand. SolaGRID ESS is a fully integrated and expandable lead acid gel energy storage system suitable for standalone (off-grid) or grid-coupled operation.

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