Engineering is critical to ensure quality solutions – particularly for large-scale systems.

We provide highly qualified engineering & professional service staff with the strong expertise to handle all phases of your renewable energy project. Our tailored engineering services provide proper planning, cost analysis, design & build as well as delivery and management for your custom renewal energy system.

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Flexible Support Individualised service from a highly qualified team.

We do not insist on a one-size-fits all approach to service. Instead, we adapt our engineering and other professional offerings to meet your request(s):

Single Source

In addition to quality products, we’ll supply all engineering and other professional services to analyse, cost justify, design, build and manage your renewable energy solution. One source, end-to-end.

Individualised Service

Do you simply want to start with a feasibility study to determine how sustainable energy is best matched to your organisation? Would you like to consult with our engineers about system design before you make a decision? We’re happy to help provide individual services at your request.

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We provide maintenance for all solar systems to ensure both cost and performance efficiency over the life of your system

Whether you purchased through us or another provider we provide management for all systems. We also provide maintenance management for large solar systems that operate under a finance Power Purchase Agreement.

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