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Expansion of the Solari Energy Sales Team

Friday March 18 2016

In yet further evidence that the difficult years of 2105 and 2015 are falling away behind us, Solari Energy announces an increase in its sales team across Australia. With commercial and industrial solar sales as the main target, the company expects these new sales team members to make a significant improvement in the companies activities and bottom line over the coming months

By Doug Fletcher

The Year Starts With A Master Distributorship Granted

Tuesday January 12 2016

As part of the expanding range of market verticals and products Solari takes to the marketplace further depth in the water products now exists with Solari being granted the Master Distributorship for Asia Pacific by Reparator, a supplier of unique water products to the wider market.

By Doug Fletcher

Solari Energy Brings Solar Design Capabilities Back In-House

Tuesday December 22 2015

After a period of time where, due to the need to downsize because of the downturn in the solar industry since early 2014, Solari is pleased to announce it is once again in expansion mode and has now bought solar design capabilities back in-house. This reflects the improved market position in the solar industry and the company looks forward to more positive announcements in the near future.

By Doug Fletcher

Golf Course Finished; Museum Started

Tuesday November 3 2015

Solari Energy is pleased to announce it has completed a rooftop and ground mount project at a golf course in NW Victoria and at the same time has started a solar rooftop project on an iconic museum in Ballarat Victoria.

By Michelle Mancini

Change Is In The Air - Solar Projects Being Signed

Tuesday October 27 2015

Already the change in the Government's approach to the renewable energy industry is having a positive effect on the solar industry with projects that have been stalled in the pipeline for nearly two years finally starting to be signed.

By Doug Fletcher

New Prime Minister Changes Approach to Renewable Energy

Thursday September 17 2015

With a change to the Australian Prime Minister a different discussion on renewable energy has already started - in just a few hours. Amazing what a change can do to a market. This is part of what the industry has been looking for an needed and Solari Energy believes that the hard times will now start to fall away in the solar industry and we will be able to get back to completing solar projects at last.

By Michelle Mancini

Finally - A Decision on the Renewable Energy Target

Wednesday June 17 2015

At last some movement on solar policy as bipartisan support emerges on a new and reduced Renewable Energy target (RET). Solari Energy expects this move will start to allow solar projects to move from being stranded in sales pipelines to built projects over the next few months

By Doug Fletcher

Solar Sales Remain Challenging; Lighting Supplies List Down to Three

Thursday March 12 2015

The Australian solar industry remains highly challenged with high levels of policy uncertainty by the Federal Government causing customers to adopt a wait and see approach and stop project investment coming into the country. This is affecting our solar sales along with all others, however we have good news on our push into the new lighting products.

By Michelle Mancini

Reparator Choses Solari Energy as One of Two Australian Distributors

Thursday February 26 2015

Reparator, a Queensland based manufacturer and importer of a range of unique water aeration, filtration, filtration media and associated products, has chosen Solari Energy as one of only two Australian distributors. Solari Energy will concentrate on the Eastern Seaboard in the main although no geographical boundaries exist in respect to sales territories.

By Geoff Hill

Solari Energy Well Placed for the Challenges Ahead

Monday January 12 2015

During the previous year Solari Energy has worked hard at widening its business base to ensure it can face the difficult challenges that will still be evident in the solar industry during 2015. Solari's approach has not been to sit back and wait for others to determine its destiny, but instead to be proactive at creating its own future and in doing so emerge a stronger and more profitable company.

By Doug Fletcher

Solari Energy Asked To Develop Solar Power for Water Aerators

Tuesday November 18 2014

In a further expansion of the Solari business the company has been asked to work with designers and manufacturers of a unique range of water aerators to enable these to be powered by solar and solar produced energy storage. Well suited to both Australian conditions and all Pacific Island and Asian communities these aerators will be amongst the most efficient in the world. Solari has worked with the designers to drive significant energy efficiency into these units.

By Michelle Mancini

Solari Energy Brings Forward Its Wider Busines Plans

Thursday June 26 2014

In response to the damage that is being done to the solar industry by the current Federal Government, Solari has decided to commence the work to bring other divisions into the company to ensure the survivability of the company.

A sunny year ahead for solar system financing

Friday December 20 2013

2013 has been a banner year for solar power worldwide. A recent Bloomberg New Energy Finance study showed a 20 percent rise in worldwide solar capacity from 2012. We believe solar installations within the Australian government sector will escalate, in part because a major roadblock of the past – lack of finance options – is no longer in the way.

Partner or Competitor? Dealing with a Changed Business Environment

Tuesday October 15 2013 ECO Generation

Australia’s solar energy industry is healthy and growing. Based on Clean Energy Council figures, more than half of the 24,000 people who currently work in our country’s renewable energy industry are dedicated to the solar energy market. They include more than 4,000 Clean Energy Council-accredited installers–solar professionals vital to our collective success.

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