Flexible FinanceSmart finance to suit your budget & requirements

Smart financing of a renewable energy system enables you to gain control over power costs and easily plan your energy budget for the years ahead. Better yet, you’re instituting an important hedge against repeated standard energy rate increases.

Lease & Rent

Homeowners, small, medium and large-sized businesses.

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Line Of Credit

Homeowners, small-to-medium sized commercial organisations.

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Power Purchase Agreement

Large government or commercial organisations, local councils, government-backed businesses

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OPEX Financing

Small, medium and large- sized commercial and government organisations

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Bespoke Financing

Government organisations, large commercial concerns; government-backed businesses

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Financial freedom Little or no upfront cost to suit your budget

Through our company you have access to a variety of financing options that require little or no upfront cost, and will suit your short and long-term budget.

For example, with lease financing or secure funding linked to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you can start saving on electricity the moment your renewable energy system is installed. Return on investment can be achieved within as little as five years. If your organisation is part of the government, bespoke financing specific to your requirements may be the answer. Or, if you are a small business owner, you may prefer to lease. And, of course, outright purchase can save you significant money over the long-term.

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