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Considering Renewable? The company behind your system is important.

Solari Energy gained national and international presence in our first year of operation. Why? Because of a singular focus on excellence.

Find out how we’re different and what it can mean to you over the next 25+ years – the average life of a solar energy system.

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Are you a business or government organisation? We can resolve your finance, environment and safety energy usage challenges.

  • Repeated increases in standard power charges make it difficult to manage operating costs and long-term budgets
  • Unpredictable outages affect productivity and operating cost
  • Business brands must reflect sustainability – economic, environmental, social
  • Government organisations are under added pressure to lower carbon emissions and contribute to mandatory renewable energy goals
  • Safe energy use is always a priority
  • Safety concern (and related insurance costs) increase in high-occupancy facilities

Riverlands Freerange Poultry Australia's largest freerange poultry farm.

What you can expect from us? We listen, inform & collaborate.

  • Ask for our credentials
  • Anticipate straightforward answers
  • Expect us to listen before we recommend
  • Know that we consider quality essential to both products and services
  • Profit from a renewable energy solution that matches your specific energy needs and a partner who doesn’t walk away once the system is installed
  • We don’t believe in "pushing product"

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Find out what it’s like to work with a renewable energy provider who listens, informs and collaborates.

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