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Is my renewable energy system protected under warranty?

Yes. We use only high-quality products from established international manufacturers who are known for solid warranty support.

For example, each solar PV panel we sell is backed by a performance warranty that generally spans 25 years. Manufacturers’ warranties can also cover your entire solar system for up to 10 years. Because we supply quality components from various manufacturers, warranty specifications can differ.

What do these warranties cover?

In general, if a mechanical defect is determined to be a manufacturing fault, it will be covered during the warranty period.

The manufacturers we deal with also typically guarantee against product defects for 10 years, 90 percent warranted minimum power production for the first 10 years, and 80 percent production for the entire 25-year warranty period. Because warranty specifics can vary between manufacturers, it’s important to read the detail from each of your product warranties.

What about your SolaGRID line of products. Since you design and develop these products, do you also warranty them?

Yes, we stand behind our SolaGRID products as we do products obtained from other companies.

For the SolaGRID ESS energy storage product, the system is warrantied for five years and the batteries for three years. The SolaGRID Audible Alarm comes with a three-year warranty.

Do you test products to Australian standards?

Yes. For example, any solar PV panel or inverter we use is tested to comply with performance and safety standards set by Australia’s Clean Energy Council.

In addition, throughout Australia we use only accredited designers and installers, who are expert at installing systems properly and safely.

For international installations, these professionals must meet local and international standards applicable to that jurisdiction. Where no specific standards or guidelines exist, we implement Australian Standards as a minimum practice.

Maintenance Services Expand All

Is it important to service-check my system? Will you provide that service?

Yes and yes. Unlike many renewable energy providers, we stand by our clients after installation and throughout expected system life.

We recommend service checks because they’re an affordable and important way to ensure that your system is performing safely and efficiently. Our technicians are highly trained to check and clean your entire system and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have during the call.

We recommend yearly service to ensure smooth performance and make any adjustments needed. To find out more, Contact us.

Will Solari Energy provide maintenance service on solar systems from other companies?

Yes. Our technical staff members have years of experience working with solar products and systems from an array of companies and manufacturers.

We're happy to service systems from other companies. Contact us for more detail.

If my energy costs go up, how can I tell if my renewable energy system is underperforming?

If you’ve noticed a significant change in your energy savings, it may or may not be due to your system performance.

Here are some quick tips on ways to check your system that may, in fact, avoid the need for a service call:

  • Check your current and previous electricity bills to determine how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy you’ve used in the past versus now. If you’ve been using more energy recently, your electricity provider will charge you accordingly. (In other words, the power generated by your renewable energy system doesn’t grow based on your daily/average consumption.) No service is necessary.
  • Also check the electricity rate on your utility bill. You could be paying more because your electricity provider has raised rates, not because your renewable energy system is malfunctioning. No service necessary.
  • Check for obstructions. If you’re using a solar PV system, check periodically to ensure that no nearby trees or structures have blocked sunlight from reaching the panels. Your installer will of course make certain that access to sunlight is unobstructed at the time the system is installed – but trees grow and new homes and buildings can spring up. It may be that you need to trim a tree – or even relocate some of your panels, which we can do for you.

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