Maintenance & Management

Solar renewable energy system are geared to perform well for up to 25 years. So keeping that system running efficiently is a natural concern. Many companies walk away from the client once a system is installed. We don’t.

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What are the benefits? Cost efficiency over the life of your system.

  • Highest quality solar products from established international manufacturers.
  • Long term warranties and warranty support.
  • Highly qualified engineers & Clean Energy Council accredited installation experts
  • All systems maintained whether purchased from us or another company
  • Highly trained technicians who can provide yearly or as-needed system checks
  • Enjoy safe, consistent & energy efficient power

Do you have a large system? We have finance available for your system.

We can make financing available through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and will manage the system for its lifetime.

Cost control & predictability
  • You’re purchasing power only at a set price per kilowatt hour, not leasing, renting or purchasing the system itself
  • Payments for the generated power may be either fixed over the PPA term (usually between 10-20 years) or increased at agreed-upon intervals and rates, allowing for easy energy budgeting
  • Government financial incentives for PPAs add to cost efficiency
Quality control

Unlike other companies, we oversee all stages of design and engineering to ensure that highest-quality standards are met during the pre-construction stage

Start-to-finish presence

We’ll provide construction management oversight throughout the process to ensure that all practices and materials meet our predefined specifications

Reduce operational risk
  • Solari Energy assumes these risks and costs through the expected lifetime of the system. It’s clearly within our best interest as well as yours to keep that system in optimal condition
  • Management services include 24/7 system monitoring, performance optimisation, and preventive and reactive maintenance, including hardware replacement resulting from normal use, vandalism, theft and severe weather
End of contract flexibility

When your organisation’s PPA expires, you’ll have three options:

  • Purchase the system at fair market value
  • Extend the term in five-year increments at a negotiated PPA rate
  • Request that Solari Energy remove the system

What our customers are saying?

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