OPEX Financing

Operating Expensive Budget (OPEX) Suitable for small, medium and large- sized commercial and government organisations

Pay for use of solar system out of operating expense budget (OPEX = day-to-day cost of running an organization or system)

How it works?

  • Can be set up as a lease or as a method for purchasing the system by end of term
  • Fixed monthly payments based on cost of system and lease term
  • Maintenance costs built into terms of agreement
  • Add equipment if needed during finance term and include in monthly payment
  • No residual or additional payments to be made at end of term
  • When term ends, several options:
    • Depending upon how the agreement is written, the customer may own the solar system at the end of the finance term, or
    • Upgrade solar system and sign a new lease
    • Extend existing lease
    • Have system removed

How you benefit?

  • Cost Savings
    • No upfront capital investment
    • Insulated against continuing electricity rate hikes
    • Same amount paid for system-generated energy each month, regardless of how much power is used
  • Bundling: Include installation and equipment cost in the lease or finance package
  • Budget ease since finance payments are fixed
  • If a regular OPEX finance-to-purchase agreement, solar client will be able to depreciate the equipment
  • Planning: You know at the beginning of finance term exactly what it will cost to purchase system when the term ends
  • Flexibility at end of term: In some cases, customer may own the system at the end of term. If not, new or extended finance agreement or system removal

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