Case Studies

Tony Ireland Stadium Grid Coupled Solar Energy Storage System

Tuesday October 1 2013

Implemented a large-scale grid-coupled energy storage system to provide peak load management and emergency power supply for the Tony Ireland Stadium – the Townsville City Council Disaster Response Centre. The system charges from a solar PV system during the day and discharges during the evening to provide peak load management for the stadium. The system also provides up to 5 days of emergency power to support emergency management personnel during disaster response events.

Ok Tedi Development Foundation Solar Schools

Monday July 1 2013

Provide multiple standalone solar power supply systems to support schools in the Western Province of PNG (Middle Fly communities of Kuem and Nakaku). As part of its Community Mine Continuation Agreement, Ok Tedi Mining Limited supplied a solar standalone system to each school where power was previously available only intermittently via a small genset. Solari Energy was engaged by the Ok Tedi Development Foundation to assist with systems implementation.

Hells Point Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training Facility

Monday October 1 2012

Provide a standalone solar diesel hybrid power supply system to support an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) training facility. The site ensures safe storage and disposal of unexploded ordnance from the Second World War, when the area was used to stockpile dangerous munitions. The project also included providing training facilities where local Solomon Islands Police could be trained in the proper handling and disposal of unexploded ordnance.

Desert Knowledge Australia Dual Axis Tracker Demonstration

Thursday January 1 2009

The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre compares the long-term performance of various solar PV technologies and installation methods in order to assess the performance of each system type. For demonstration and research purposes, Solari Energy (formerly Solar Inception) implemented a large-scale dual-axis solar PV tracking system with maximum light following technology. A fixed-tilt, north-facing ground-mounted array was also installed to provide a benchmark for comparison.

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