Line of Credit

Line Of Credit Suitable for homeowners, small-to-medium sized commercial organisations

Financier supplies a line of credit (LOC) for the system purchase.

How it works?

  • Similar to a hire purchase finance plan, except as repayments are made, the freed-up credit can be immediately re-used by the customer. Consequently, the customer owns the system subject to the normal credit requirements, such as on-time payments.
  • LOC card comes with purchase finance up to a certain dollar amount and a lower interest rate than a typical loan
  • As repayments are made, credit amount is replenished
  • Minimal documentation required and generally fast approval process

How you benefit?

  • Ease burden on cash flow
  • In most cases, no upfront fees or ongoing charges to maintain line of credit
  • Convenient monthly payments that are cash flow friendly
  • No balloon payments or hidden charges at the end of LOC agreement
  • Streamline accounting by bundling solar system with other technology and equipment
  • You gain all depreciation and tax advantages related to the equipment
  • Ability to upgrade solar system throughout agreement term
  • Asset reports available with detailed information about your financed assets and asset arrangement
  • At completion of system repayments, if credit has not been used, the entire limit is available for future use

What our customers are saying?

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